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Harnessing the health benefits of deep ocean water


Our company president, Tina Huang, was interviewed by Industrysourcing. As our president emphasized, Introducing deep ocean water to the general public is aimed at nourishing life with the most authentic elements, as life originates from the ocean.


D-MINNERALZ strives to bring healthier and happier lives to human being by providing valuable minerals to satisfy daily nutrient needs. Deep ocean water enriches more than 70 types of minerals including magnesium and trace elements. The ultimate value of the water is that its composition cannot be artificially imitated through scientific attempts.


We invest large amount of money in R&D to demonstrate the efficacy of D-MINNERALZ . Research projects and papers published in international scientific journals that target the efficacy of deep sea water and deep sea minerals, show the safety and positive effects – including modulating blood pressure, recovering from fatigue, preventing body fat formation, suppressing serum total cholesterol levels, and so on.



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Harnessing the health benefits of deep ocean water





About D-MINNERALZ, Deep Ocean Minerals


D-MINNERALZ is the only one global leading provider in the world sourcing deep ocean minerals from deep ocean water at 662 m depth. D-MINNERALZ deep ocean minerals is based on abundant scientific evidence and safety data. Since establishment, our own scientific research have proved the efficacy of deep ocean minerals in metabolic syndrome, cardiovascular health, exercise performance and recovery, osteoporosis, weight management, fermentation, skin hydration, etc. With expertise in research and product development, we collaborate with customers to speed up product launch. Reliability and Research are our continuous commitment to you. For more information, visit and contact us 



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