D-MINNERALZ Deep Ocean Minerals


D-MINNERALZ is the registered trademark of deep ocean minerals from 662 m depth. D-MINNERALZ100% purely natural ionic deep ocean minerals, is concentrated from deep ocean water at 662 m depth with a series filtration and stringent quality control. It's highly condensed minerals. D-MINNERALZ contains over 70 kinds of minerals and trace elements. Minerals act as cofactors in biochemical reaction. Without minerals act as cofactor, body can’t work functionally.

D-MINNERALZ can be widely applied in health supplements & nutraceuticals, functional foods & beverages, cosmetics & skin care products, and agriculture & aquaculture. Our scientific research and published international papers indicate D-MINNERALZ deep ocean minerals support to :

1. Manage high cholesterol and triglycerides
2. Regulate high blood pressure
3. Accelerates recovery from physical fatigue
4.  Enhance exercise performance
5. Reduce exercise-induced inflammatory
6. Decrease risk of osteoporosis
7. Improve diabetic complications
8. Manage weight
9. Promote good health
10. Enhance fermentation
11. Enhance skin hydration
12. Stimulate collagen formation



















Uniqueness of D-MINNERALZ Deep Ocean Minerals


There are hundreds comparable minerals product in the market with lower price. The uniqueness of D-MINNERALZ deep ocean minerals is its over 70 kinds of minerals and trace elements with high bioavailability combined together. D-MINNERALZ, deep ocean minerals, position in natural, clean, safe and strong science evidence. We're proud of our quality control and the benefits proven by scientific research we value to customers. Exclusive deep ocean source at 662 m below sea level provides unique composition of D-MINNERALZ deep ocean minerals. 


Minerals among each other exist interaction (synergism or antagonism). Only single mineral supplementation is not enough. ​Over 70 kinds of minerals and trace elements within D-MINNERALZ brings your life back to natural balance and awaken your inner power inside out. 


Value of deep ocean minerals                     

              deep ocean minerals and chemical minerals comparison

Our advantage    

               D-MINNERALZ deep ocean minerals compare with other deep ocean minerals




Proprietary process​


Manufacture factory located at East coastline of Taiwan(seabed of a depth of over 1,000 meters at less then 5 km off the shore) make it perfectly access this precious natural deep ocean water source under 662 m sea level. We invest billions of dollars in extraction, filtration, production facilities which are made with world class technique from Japan, Europe, USA to ensure high quality deep ocean minerals products to satisfy customers from worldwide.


The patented production process employs the multiple filter membrane technology and high-efficiency vacuum evaporation processes to concentrate D-MINNERALZ deep ocean minerals. 



deep ocean water plant


Deep Ocean Water Pipes


We aim to be "global learder of Deep Ocean Minerals" in the world and endeavor to consistently promote the benefits of natural deep ocean minerals bringing to human beings and take care of people's health around the world.







Safety and high quality control are our uncompromised commitment to customers. To ensure the safety of our deep ocean source, we regularly analyze the content of minerals, nutrients, heavy metal, pesticide and radiation and provide samples to world-leading third party inspection company to certify that D-MINNERALZ deep ocean minerals is safe!


- Certificate

We have dedicated to improving quality and manufacturing process. HACCP and ISO 22000 are certified in 2011. We also achieve HALAL certificate to serve worldwide customers’ needs. The certificate of the depth of deep ocean water source (662m) is granted by government. Moreover, our product, Hai-Kuan 1400 produced from deep ocean minerals, is awarded by MONDE SELECTION in 2015!




- NDI (New Dietary Ingredient)

D-MINNERALZ  is accepted by USFDA as New Dietary ingredient, recognizing our continuous effort on safety and scientific research.


NDI 1059, deep ocean minerals       


- Patents

Our patented production process ensure unique composition of D-MINNERALZ and its efficacy in reducing muscle tissue damage​ and decreasing blood lipid​.







Why choose D-MINNERALZ  Deep Ocean Minerals


Clean label. D-MINNERALZ  deep ocean minerals is natural, clean, safe!
Benefits proven by science. D-MINNERALZ is scientifically effective in metabolic syndrome, cardiovascular health, movement performance, osteoporosis, life expectancy, obesity and skin care. Check our deep ocean minerals research
Added value. 70 kinds of minerals and trace elements of D-MINNERALZ  acting as cofactor enhance active ingredients' efficacy. 
High quality product.  D-MINNERALZ is produced from patented process and examined under strict quality control (heavy metals, pesticide, radiation examination).

Stable and consistent supply. Largest deep ocean water plant in Asia, over US$ 100 million dollars investment. Daily drawing capacity: 2000 ton

Strong expertise in D-MINNERALZ application. Collaborate with you to solve any problems you face during product development





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D-MINNERALZ, Natural Deep Ocean Minerals Supplier from 662 m depth