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D-MINNERALZ, natural deep ocean minerals, contains over 70 kinds of minerals and trace elements that body needs. The major element of D-MINNERALZ is magnesium which involves in over 300 biochemical reaction of body. The function of magnesium are regulation of energy metabolism, synthesis of carbohydrate and protein, regulation of immune system, ATP synthesis and storage, intracellular electrolyte balance, and etc. However, only magnesium supply is insufficient. Minerals among each other exist interaction(synergy or antagonism). The biochemical reaction of Mg needs other minerals involvement simultaneously.


Multitype natural deep ocean minerals act as critical cofactors in body's biochemical reaction. Without these minerals, body function can't perform properly. D-MINNERALZ sourced from deep ocean at 662m depth keep the balanced 70 kinds of minerals and trace elements body needs. Safe, Clean, Natural and Effective! 


Supplement(tablet, capsule, stick pack) / Liquid supplement

Metabolic Syndrome

- Manage high cholesterol and triglycerides

- Regulate high blood pressure

- Improve diabetic complications

Sports Nutrition

- Enhance exercise performance

- Speed up fatigue recover

- Minimize exercise-induced inflammatory

Osteoporosis prevention

- Decrease risk of bone loss

Weight Management 

- Suppress obesity

Metabolism maintenance

- Promote good health

- Improve metabolism




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D-MINNERALZ, Natural Deep Ocean Minerals Supplier from 662 m depth