Deep Ocean Water


Deep Ocean Water


Deep Ocean Water refers to the sea water under the thermocline (about 200 meters below the sea level), where the water is in low temperature, isolated from sunlight and air, full of minerals and nutrients, clean and clear, as well as scarce in bacteria. The untouched clean area keeps the original nutrition that human needs. Deep ocean water contains over 70 kinds of minerals and trace elements with its 5 characteristics.


Deep Ocean Water         Deep Ocean Water


deep ocean water Rich Nutrients
  Enrich in inorganic salts such as nitrogen, phosphate and silicate
Rich in Deep Ocean Minerals
  Contains over 70 kinds of mineral and trace element
Purity and Cleanness
  Isolate from sunlight and air, free of contamination by terrestrial activity and bacteria
Low-temperature and stability
  Unaffected by climate change, remaining stable temperature ranging from 6 to 9 degree Celsius
  Recyclable and sustainable. It can be utilized to solve the problem of water resource




The difference between Deep Ocean Water & Surface Sea Water


The definition of Deep Ocean Water/Deep Sea Water refers to the sea water under 200 meters below the sea level. Surface sea water is near the sea level where sunlight can penetrate and organism survive. Surface sea water and deep ocean water are both from sea; however, they are remarkably different. Surface sea water is easily influenced by anthropogenic​ activities, which significantly expose high risk of pollution. By contrast, deep ocean water is very clean, where bacteria and organism are hard to be alive. Even the products claim to come from deep ocean water; however, different layer and depth of deep ocean constitute â€‹different minerals and trace elements profile. 


          deep ocean water and surface sea water comparison




Rarity of Deep Ocean Water


With steep natural seabed of a depth of over 1,000 meters at less than 5 kilometers off the shore, the East coastline of Taiwan to the Pacific Ocean possesses unique topographic advantage and becomes the best site for drawing deep ocean water.


Around the world, only Taiwan, Japan, Korea, Hawaii, due to geographic features, can access deep ocean water. Among the 4 countries, Taiwan has the best geographical location for extraction of Deep Ocean Water. 



This ideal location allows us to extract deep ocean minerals from deep ocean water at 662 m depth below sea level. Under such depth, sunlight is blocked absolutely and under tremendous water pressure we are sure that the water source is safe and contains no contaminant.




Benefits of Deep Ocean Water


According to relevant research, the composition of Deep Ocean Water is similar to that of human blood, which is easily absorbed by human being. D-MINNERALZ, patented deep ocean minerals, is concentrated from deep ocean water at 662m depth. It keeps the characteristic of high absorption rate to body and contains over 70 diverse trace minerals. 


D-MINNERALZ, deep ocean minerals, is produced by proprietary process to extract precious trace minerals from deep ocean at 662 m depth. It provides essential energy to awaken body protection system and bring whole new feeling of rebirth to you. Based on our own scientific research, D-MINNERALZ is scientifically effective to:

1. Manage high cholesterol and triglycerides
2. Regulate high blood pressure
3. Accelerates recovery from physical fatigue
4.  Enhance exercise performance
5. Reduce exercise-induced inflammatory
6. Decrease risk of osteoporosis
7. Improve diabetic complications
8. Manage weight
9. Promote good health
10. Enhance fermentation
11. Enhance skin hydration
12. Stimulate collagen formation




About Deep Ocean Minerals

Deep Ocean Minerals Research



D-MINNERALZ, Natural Deep Ocean Minerals Supplier from 662 m depth