1. What is D-MINNERALZ deep ocean minerals?

D-MINNERALZ, deep ocean minerals, contains over 70 kinds of minerals and trace elements. It's extracted from deep ocean water at 662 m depth below sea level. D-MINNERLAZ is clinically and scientifically proven to benefit metabolic syndrome, cardiovascular health, exercise performance, fatigue recovery, osteoporosis, obesity, etc. The application diversely include health supplements, functional drink, energy drink, water, skin and personal care products, etc.​ We provide full elemental analysis for you to understand the minerals and trace elements composition of D-MINNERLAZ. The trace minerals profile of D-MINNERLAZ  is exclusively integrated and scientific-evident! Please visit below website to learn more:

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2. Where does D-MINNERALZ deep ocean minerals come from? 

The source of D-MINNERALZ is from deep ocean water at 662 m depth of West Pacific Ocean. Deep ocean water is clean and free from contaminant. We are the only one company in the world which has " 662 m" specific depth claim, which is certified by government. Different depth of deep ocean leads to different trace minerals composition. Our scientific research delivers the true value of deep ocean minerals from 662m - an unique minerals and trace elements formula.


3. How is D-MINNERALZ deep ocean minerals produced?

We acess the deep ocean water via laying pipes down to the Pacific Ocean at 662 m. The laying pipes is amount to 5 km with minimized environment impact. After pre-treatment, deep ocean water is processed by high advanced membrane systems to reduce sodium level. Then, we adopt patented technology to concentrate the minerals and trace elements from deep ocean water to keep the precious nutrition with high bioavailability. Here comes the natural deep ocean minerals concentrate! 


4. Is D-MINNERALZ deep ocean minerals safe? Is there any side effect from D-MINNERALZ deep ocean minerals?

D-MINNERALZ deep ocean minerals is safe and there is no side effect. We analyze pesticide, heavy metal and radiation from deep ocean water and strictly monitor the quality of deep ocean water. Moreover, we conducted saftey study of D-MINNERALZ including genetic mutation test, micronucleus analysis, chromosomal aberration test, cytotoxicity assay, and subacute toxicity test. We also achieved New Dietary Ingredient (NDI) from USFDA, recognizing our continued effort on safety studies and nutritional benefits! Regarding skin sensitive test, no irritation is found when D-MINNERALZ applying on skin!


5. Are the health benefits of D-MINNERALZ deep ocean minerals supported by science?

Definitely​ yes. We have consistently collaborated with universities and medical schools to conduct research since establishment. We still devote to studying the health benefits of D-MINNERALZ brining to human. More research will be coming soon in the near future. All of our own research can be read here. RESEARCH


6.  What are the benefits of D-MINNERALZ deep ocean minerals?

Based our own studies, D-MINNERALZ deep ocean minerals from 662 m depth is demonstrated to:

- Reduce total cholesterol

- Prevent cardiovascular disease

- Regulate blood pressure

- Enhance sport performance

- Accelerate recovery from physical fatigue

- Minimize exercise-induced inflammatory

- Prevent bone loss

- Regulate diabetic complication

- Suppress obesity

- Enhance fermentation

- Enhance skin hydration

- Stimulate collagen formation


7. What’s the difference between D-MINNERALZ deep ocean minerals and chemical minerals?

D-MINNERALZ deep ocean minerals from 662 m is 100% natural and clean which contains over 70 kinds of minerals and trace elements that body needs. Our proprietary process ensures its unique minerals and trace elements composition. D-MINNERALZ is experimentally proven to deliver high bioavailability​. Nowadays, the minerals in the market are mostly synthesized by chemical process and contains no trace minerals. It is usually single element.


8. What’s the difference between D-MINNERALZ deep ocean minerals and other similar deep ocean minerals?

The depth of deep ocean water and production process are the two critical factors changing the composition of minerals and trace elements. We access deep ocean water at 662m depth to secure that our minerals profile is consistent and stable. Moreover, the patented production ensure each batch of deep ocean minerals we produce are scientifically effective. We are one-stop manufacturer with our own drawing facilities of deep ocean water and extraction facilities of deep ocean minerals. 


9. What’s the application of D-MINNERALZ?

The application of D-MINNERALZ is beyond your imagination! Health supplement, energy drink, sports drink, functional beverage, juice, coffee, water, sparkling water, food (cake, cooking), fermented products, skin care products (toner, facial mist, cream, essence, gel, mask), personal care products (shower gel, shampoo, tooth paste), liquid fertilizer for agriculture and aquaculture. Think D-MINNERALZ application outside the box!


10. What’s the difference between surface sea water and deep ocean water?

Surface sea water, about 200 m below the sea level, is easily influenced by human activities. In other words, surface sea water is exposed to high-risk pollution. The ingredient sourced from surface sea water should be scrutinized carefully based on safety concern. Deep ocean water is characterized as clean, rich nutrients and minerals and low temperature. It’s an untouched area that sunlight cannot penetrate and organism hardly survive. Thus, D-MINNERLAZ, deep ocean minerals from deep ocean water, is very clean, pure and safe!




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