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Alkaline water, sparkling water, functional water
  Abundant minerals and trace elements provide essential minerals that body needs. D-MINNERALZ, deep ocean minerals, give vitality ​and youth and improve mouth taste.
Energy drink
  Natural ionic deep ocean minerals unlock your biochemical reaction and wake up your body. Scientific research proves its benefits on increasing VO2 max, enhance exercise performance, recover physical fatigue. D-MINNERALZ is natural energy booster without any burden to your health. All Natural and no side effect!
Sport/Electrolyte drink or powder
  People usually feel tired after sport. D-MINNERALZ contains over 70 kinds of deep ocean minerals, which helps you overcome physical fatigue and improve sport performance in a natural and balanced way. 
Hangover cure
  With natural deep ocean minerals involvement, body metabolism is improved and accelerated to get you over the slump and feel refresh again.
Fungi-fermented products
  Mg, Ca, K from deep ocean minerals are major cofactors for microbial metabolism, which enhances growth and active ingredient generation.
Wine and beer
  Reduce the bitterness and improve the flavor with smooth taste. 





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   D-MINNERALZ, Natural Deep Ocean Minerals Supplier from 662 m depth