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NutraIngredients Asia: Taiwanese firm banks on deep ocean minerals to drive global expansion

D-MINNERALZ was recently interviewed by the top ranking nutraceutical media - NutraIngredients Asia. The news reported that D-MINNERALZ deep ocean minerals is beneficial to relieve fatigue, prevent bone loss, regulate blood pressure, and lower cholesterol. The surprising benefits comes from the concept - human being can not rely on single minerals, 70 kinds minerals work together to maintain body function. All the health benefits from D-MINNERALZ is evidenced by scientific research


News also revealed that the facilities to extract D-MINNERALZ deep ocean minerals is hundreds of millions of US dollars investment.​ Since establishment, the laying pipes in the deep ocean is unaffected by typhoon or earthquake. ​ D-MINNERALZ is strictly under control to consistently and stably supply to customers.


As the news highlighted, D-MINNERALZ is ingredient in its early stage of global expansion. We look forward to collaborating with partner in worldwide. Contact us to discuss how D-MINNERALZ deep ocean minerals value up your business!


Digging deep: Taiwanese firm banks on deep ocean minerals to drive global expansion


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Taiwanese frim banks on deep ocean minerals to drive global expansion plans







About D-MINNERALZ, Deep Ocean Minerals


D-MINNERALZ is the only one global leading provider in the world sourcing deep ocean minerals from deep ocean water at 662 m depth. D-MINNERALZ deep ocean minerals is based on abundant scientific evidence and safety data. Since establishment, our own scientific research have proved the efficacy of deep ocean minerals in metabolic syndrome, cardiovascular health, exercise performance and recovery, osteoporosis, weight management, fermentation, skin hydration, etc. With expertise in research and product development, we collaborate with customers to speed up product launch. Reliability and Research are our continuous commitment to you. For more information, visit and contact us 



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