[Market Trend] Top ten trends in 2018

top tend trend in 2018


What's the trend in 2018?

Ten topics below may provide more product development idea to meet consumer needs.


1. Mindful Choices

Consumers are more aware of and concerned about what they consumed. They are eager to know the ingredients inside and how the foods are produced. 

2. Lighter Enjoyment

Smaller portion sizers, lighter alcohol content and less sweetness are under consumers’ consideration. However, they will not compromise the enjoyment it brings at the same time. 

3. Positively Processed

Consumers seek for minimally processed technology, which is more natural or even close to "Raw". Fermented products and cold brew tea and coffee are the examples. 

4. Going Full Circle

Consumer's expectation on company involving in sustainable source, reduced waste or pollution, biodegradable packing is increasing

5. Beyond the Coffeehouse

Coffee and tea appeals to Millennial and Generation Z. With the popping up trend, coffee and tea are now as ingredients and flavors to create a wide variety of products such as energy bars, yogurt and jam.

6. Say it With Color

Synthetic color is not preferable to consumers with the replacement choice of natural color. Color foods and spices such as beetroot and turmeric are well-known for its health benefits.

7. Dining Out, In

Consumers want restaurant quality food at their home, a place they can relax and indulge with family. Gourmet recipes and product with chef claim add more unique experience in their dining.

8. From Snacks to Mini Meals

Snacks are considered as meal replacement. More products claiming energy, fresh, healthy, single portion are rising

9. Ocean Garden

Nutrition from ocean provides a great source for human daily intake. Trace minerals from ocean, algae, dulse, kelp are full of precious nutrients.

10. Bountiful Choices

Innovative products, funky color, special packing, etc. trigger consumers curiosity and increase the engagement. Diversification and differentiation are the keys.



Reference: Innova market Insights


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Mindful Choices
Lighter Enjoyment
Positively Processed
Going Full Circle
With Color
Dining Out, In
From Snacks
Mini Meals
Ocean Garden
Bountiful Choices