[coming soon] Tea launch in USA !

Our customer is planning to launch a new brand in USA! The sparkling tea target in business women aged between 30 to 50. It aims to provide low sugars, calories and caffeine to bring the natural wellness. The tea formulaion combines with natural herb, fruit juice, and deep ocean minerals. The role of deep ocean minerals is to fuel body with trace minerals. 


Deep ocean minerals is the complete combination of essential elements - trace minerals. Our body needs these elements to work on even though in minor dosage. The application covers widely, click APPLICATION to learn what you can develop, click PRODUCT to know what we provide, or CONTACT US !!!


About D-MINNERALZ, Deep Ocean Minerals


D-MINNERALZ is the only one global leading provider in the world sourcing deep ocean minerals from deep ocean water at 662 m depth. D-MINNERALZ deep ocean minerals is based on abundant scientific evidence and safety data. Since establishment, our own scientific research have proved the efficacy of deep ocean minerals in metabolic syndrome, cardiovascular health, exercise performance and recovery, osteoporosis, weight management, fermentation, skin hydration, etc. With expertise in research and product development, we collaborate with customers to speed up product launch. Reliability and Research are our continuous commitment to you. For more information, visit and contact us 



D-MINNERALZNatural Deep Ocean Minerals Supplier from 662 m