Our new paper is published in "Frontiers in Physiology" now!

After the long years study, we are pleased to share with you our new result of D-MINNERALZ deep ocean minerals on sports nutrition!


Most sports beverage contain fructose (ranged between 2–12%), which have been reported to link with systemic and peripheral inflammations. High fructose consumption increases TNF-α  and decreases GSH/GSSG ratio in muscles.


In our study, we aimed to answer whether prolonged D-MINNERALZ deep ocean minerals supplementation can inhibit inflammatory response of skeletal muscle after an acute bout of eccentric exercise when regularly consuming 11% fructose beverage. The results of the study excite us that D-MINNERALZ deep ocean minerals can minimize inflammatory cytokine responses of skeletal muscle after eccentric exercise!


Full paper available at:

Deep Ocean Minerals Minimize Eccentric Exercise-Induced Inflammatory Response of Rat Skeletal Muscle





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