Research > Nigari(deep Seawater Concentrate)enhances the Treadmill Exercise Performance of Gerbils


Nigari (deep Seawater Concentrate) enhances the Treadmill Exercise Performance of Gerbils



D-MINNERALZ supplementation was associated with significantly improved exercise performance in gerbils subjected to treadmill exercise.



The beneficial effect of magnesium supplementation on exercise performance has been reported by many researchers. In the present study, the effect of nigari, a concentrate of deep seawater containing high magnesium levels, on exercise performance, was examined. Gerbils were given double-distilled water or nigari (18 mg/kg, po) orally 30 min before exercise. All animals were subjected to forced exercise on a treadmill for 90 min at three successive speeds of 10, 15, and 20 m /min. The retention numbers were recorded. The retention numbers were 85.0 ± 21.0, 46.0 ± 9.7, and 48.0 ± 14.2 in the control group, and 44.0 ± 10.9, 23.0 ± 8.4, and 13.0 ± 4.8 in the nigari-treated group at the three speeds, respectively. The retention numbers were significantly reduced at higher speeds (by 50% at 15 and 73% at 20 m/min, respectively) in the nigari-treated group when compared to those of the control group, respectively. Thus, nigari administration appeared to reduce retention numbers and enhance exercise performance in gerbils.






D-MINNERALZ, Natural Deep Ocean Minerals Supplier from 662 m depth