How to protect respiratory epithelium and strengthen immune system?

The major difference between coronaviruses that cause a cold and those that cause a severe illness is that the former primarily infect the upper respiratory tract (the nose and throat), whereas the latter thrive in the lower respiratory tract (the lungs) and can lead to pneumonia, such as the syndrome of novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV).


Allergic rhinitis and nasal congestion are highly linked to upper or lower respiratory tract infection, respectively. Those with respiratory tract infection have higher tendency to be attacked by virus due to unhealthy respiratory epithelium, especially if exposure to PM 2.5 air-polluted environment.


Four strategys are suggested to protect respiratory epithelium to fight against virus.

1. Use air Purifier

Air purifier can reduce PM 2.5 and refresh indoor air. Some brand even claim that it can decrease risk from nasal allergy and influenza.


2. Maintain the humidity and temperature of environment

Using humidifier and drinking more water to keep hydrate, or wearing a surgical mask to protect yourself. Exposure to dry air impairs host defense against influenza infection and reduces tissue repair. Additionally, exposure to cold weather can increase a person's risk of contracting virus. Viruses, such as rhinoviruses and influenza, may survive and reproduce more effectively at colder temperature. Cold weather may also reduce the immune response and make it harder for the body to fight off germs. Therefore, it’s essential to maintain hydration physically and environmentally.


3. Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth with unwashed hands

Wash your hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds. Handwashing plays a major role in preventing the spread of infectious disease.


4. Boost immune system by consuming functional food and micronutrients

Research indicates that certain probiotics can modulate immune system. Moreover, trace minerals have been related to cell-mediated humoral immunity and nonspecific immunity such as T- and B-cell functions, NK-cell activity and cytokine release. The nutritional status, micronutrient loss may severely affect immune system.


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