D-MINNERALZ can enhance hypolipidemic effect of red mold dioscorea

The application of deep ocean minerals in fermentation has been rarely studied. We deeply study the effect of deep ocean minerals on red mold to understand how secondary metabolites is affected when cultured in deep ocean minerals water.


For this article, we will discuss and compare the hypolipidemic effects and metabolites content between DOW-RMD (deep ocean minerals water-cultured Red Mold Dioscorea) and ROW-RMD (reverse osmosis water-cultured Red Mold Dioscorea). Next article will go deeper to analyze why deep ocean minerals water can contribute greater physiological activity and fermentative efficiency.


The minerals rich in deep ocean water are likely to promote the growth rate or metabolite production of microorganisms via acting as cofactors of the key enzymes. The study uses deep ocean minerals water with D-MINNERALZ contained (hardness 100 ppm) and reverse osmosis water to culture Monascus purpureus NTU 568, respectively. Hyperlipidemic hamsters were fed a high-cholesterol diet and administered various doses of DOW-RMD or ROW-RMD for 8 weeks. After sacrifice, biochemical analyses in serum, liver, and feces were carried out.


The results showed that DOW-RMD had a greater effect on lowering cholesterol levels and lipid peroxidation in serum and lipid plaque in heart aorta than ROW-RMD, which may result from absorbed and accumulated Mg ion in DOW-RMD.


Effect of Deep ocean minerals water-Red Mold Dioscorea


The finding  also revealed that DOW has higher monascin and ankaflavin level and lower citrinin (harmful to liver and kidney.), suggesting that DOW mediated the secondary metabolites of Monascus fermentation toward the formation of hypolipidemic pigments (monascin and ankaflavin), as well as the inhibition of citrinin biosynthesis.


Monascin, ankaflavin and citrinin


Monascin and ankaflavin are proven antioxidative and anti-inflammatory agents. Monascin had been proven to protect the liver from chemical damage. Therefore, the effect of DOW-RMD on the prevention of cholesterol-diet-induced lipid peroxidation and the occurrence of atherosclerosis should be contributed by the DOW-raised production of monascin or ankaflavin.


In conclusion, the hypolipidemic effect of deep ocean minerals may be caused by rise of Mg ions and increased monascin or ankaflavin.


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