Does D-MINNERALZ improve flavor and taste of brewing beer?

Beer is mainly brewed by barley or wheat through saccharification and fermentation. Water as the ingredients of beer plays a very important role during brewing processing. This is due to that the trace elements of water directly affect the taste and flavor of the beer. D-MINNERALZ Deep Ocean Minerals concentrate is rich in magnesium, sodium, potassium and other natural minerals and trace elements which is extracted from 662 m depth from the eastern coastline of Taiwan.


We evaluate the flavor and taste of three craft beer by using bottled mineral water and D-MINNERALZ containing water, respectively. The experiment was conducted by brewing three types of craft beer including hoppy type “American IPA”, light-flowery type “ Honey Chrysanthemum Pilsner”, and strong malty-flavor type “Weizenbock (brewed with wild yeast)”. Subsequently, sensory evaluation with questionnaires for three types of craft beer was carried out in blind test to understand whether different water qualities greatly affected the quality and taste of the beer.


The result shows that the groups brewed with D-MINNERALZ containing water have higher scores than that brewed with bottled mineral water, indicating that D- MINNERALZ improved the loss of the flavor and characters of each beer during high-temperature sterilization (60 degree Celsius, 30min) compared to that of bottled mineral water.


Water quality is one of the most important factors affecting the taste and flavor of the beer. The finding suggests D-MINNERALZ deep ocean minerals at 662m depth is a potential candidate for manufacturing craft beer with high quality.


deep ocean minerals improve beer brewing


1. Bottled water: ordinary bottle water from the market.
2. Deep ocean water: deep ocean water was produced from D-MINNERALZ
deep ocean minerals concentrate and RO water. The hardness is 30 ppm.



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