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Stress may stimulate people’s interest to intake high-fat or sugary "comfort foods", which help release the tension and excite our moods. Consuming comfort food possess us in high risk of fat stored in body. Those high-calorie food are associated with obesity, gained weight or increased body fat. According to Mintel” The Working Life UK 2015 report”, one third (33%) of UK adults eat comfort food to deal with work stress. Nowadays, to decrease the impact of high-calorie foods to our body and manage weight are the keys for those who seek comfort food to balance their life. The latest research of D-MINNERALZ provide a new direction to resolve the issue.


D-MINNERALZ produced by proprietary process contains 70 kinds natural minerals and trace elements. All-inclusive trace minerals are extracted from deep ocean water at 662 m depth. The previous studies indicated that D-MINNERALZ significantly suppressed the serum cholesterol levels, reduced the lipid accumulation in liver tissues, and limited aortic fatty streaks. Also, D-MINNERALZ can decrease lipid peroxidation in the hypercholesterolemic subject.


The latest published paper in December of 2017 showed D-MINNERALZ decrease lipid stored in adipocytes through lipolysis and fatty acid oxidation in high-fat-diet-induced obese rats. The rats were fed a high fat-diet (HFD) containing 20% lard and divided into five groups: the HFD group (0 mg Mg2+/kg body weight) and HFD + D-MINNERALZ (1x, 2x, 3x, 5x) groups. The five groups received D-MINNERALZ with 0, 40, 80, 120, and 200 mg Mg2+/kg body weight, respectively. After six weeks of feeding, the results showed that body weight in high-fat diet (HFD) + D-MINNERALZ (1x, 2x, 3x, 5x) groups were significantly lower (-5.9~10.3%) compared to the HFD group. The size of the adipocytes in all HFD + D-MINNERALZ (1x, 2x, 3x, 5x) groups were smaller than those in the HFD group. Fecal level of lipids, triglycerides, and cholesterol in HFD+ D-MINNERALZ groups were significantly higher than the HFD group, indicating D-MINNERALZ increase fecal output of the triglycerides and cholesterol. In other words, D-MINNERALZ is beneficial to decrease lipid in HFD-induced obese rats. In the gene expression levels, Chang et al. verify D-MINNERALZ suppress obesity in rats with HFD-induced obesity by regulating lipolysis and fatty acid oxidation.


D-MINNERALZ with 70 kinds deep ocean minerals has high potential to manage weight and overcome the negative effect from comfort food. 

D-MINNERALZ decrease lipid stored in adipocyte




Deep Sea Water Improves Abnormalities in Lipid Metabolism through Lipolysis and Fatty Acid Oxidation in High-Fat Diet-Induced Obese Rats 


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